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Brew Masters passionate about beer, recipe design, brewing technology and quality.

Technology and Science

Engineers experts on analyzing your project, optimizing the configuration of the equipment and maximizing the overall performance of the brewery.

Quality Assurance Experts

We love quality beers and we know this is only possible by implementing a quality assurance plan in the brewery minimizing alterations or contaminations and brewing quality beers consistently.



Quality Assurance/Quality Control: process control, yeast handling, quality data records and statistical data processing.


Definition of final beer, selection of raw ingredients, development of recipe based on the specifications and technology of the plant to maximize performance.


Consultancy service focused on the quality assurance, process optimization and maximizing the performance of the craft brewery.


We can either perform the analysis or help you to build your own quality control lab with basic equipment to perform QC over processes, equipment, ingredients and final beer to avoid alterations and contaminations.

Why do breweries need a Quality Assurance Plan?

As soon as the decision to start up a brewery is taken, it is necessary to guarantee the quality of the beers, define the specifications and brew them consistently, maximizing the performance of the plant, free of off-flavors, alterations or contaminations. So it’s is important to know how to manage quality in the brewery.

The QA plans are implemented in large industrial breweries and can be tailored to small and medium size breweries and brewpubs under the same principles and objectives, i.e. manage quality of the beer, optimize processes and improve the overall performance of the brewery.

The technology of the plant, the equipment that should be acquired, how to design a recipe and adapt it to the available equipment. It’s also important to adapt the recipes to existing raw materials to maximize performance and minimize losses.

The aim of our services is to manage the quality of the beer by means of the implementation of a quality assurance plan for breweries with the focus on process optimization on each area of the brewery based on continuous improvement methodologies.

In summary our Quality Assurance Plan for craft breweries is fundamentally based in the following objectives:

Design a great beer starting on the recipe and brew it consistently

Design the recipes based on the raw materials specifications, water, malts and hops adapted to the equipment of the plant. Define quality controls over ingredients, yeast and final product.

Process optimization to maximize the performance

Control and optimization of each process to increase the global performance of the brewery.

Beer free of alterations and contaminations

Full product control, learning how to perform in-line tests with basic equipment and defining the frequency of the controls (analytical and microbiological) over brewery equipment, processes and beer.

Our Process

1. Discussion

Visit brewery and discussion with brewer to identify opportunities for quality improvement.

2. Ideas

List of proposals to optimize and maximize the quality and performance of the brewery.

3. Implementation

Implementation of the Quality Assurance Plan

4. Follow-up

Regular audits in order to ensure the implementation of the QA Plan is achieiving the desired objectives.

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